GTI Values

Global Tech Institute (GTI) is an independent, post-secondary, educational institution offering diploma and certification programs which focus on job skills curricula in business technologies. The main campus of the institute is located at 4346 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio 43623.

GTI was founded in 2012 with a vision to provide its students with a high quality education in preparation to the entering the work force. It is committed to democratic values, academic independence, freedom of inquiry and a spirit of innovation with a commitment to educational values, a strong work ethic and service to the community.

GTI offers a selective program of academic courses with a strong business orientation. The curriculum is designed to foster creative problem solving, effective communication and independent thinking. Our majors include studies in accounting, computer science, office administration, business and hospitality management.

GTI offers open enrollment to motivated students regardless of race, religion, age, gender, national origin or physical limitations.
English is the primary language of instruction. Our faculty is comprised of specialists in their respective areas of teaching and research. Class sizes are small to ensure that students receive individual attention.

GTI strives to become a regional institution with centers in communication studies, business technologies, and computer applications. An advanced communications capability facilitates the implementation of the school’s core curriculum and educational outreach which enables GTI to enhance its educational role.


GTI is truly a home for talented, energetic, and ambitious individuals, making it a unique learning community dedicated to providing valid educational experiences to promote liberal thinking inside and outside the classroom.

GTI stresses quality and valid liberal education in curriculum and institutional practices to encourage development of a strong level of competencies and abilities in all students.

Faculty, staff and students all work together to make GTI a remarkable experience through sharing a common vision of academic excellence.

At GTI, universally accepted human, ethical, and spiritual values are promoted.  We value intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, integrity, cross-cultural dialogue, and solidarity.  Our teaching methodologies at GTI are aimed at building students learning capabilities to help them become lifelong learners and servants of humanity, now and in the future. At GTI, we work hard to strengthen and develop our basic philosophy of education, which is to shift education from a rote memorization and subjective interpretations to the training of the mind to recognize, design and research objectively.

We are proud to be among the few institutions in the area that offer a diverse range of academic programs that are enjoyable to students and needed in the marketplace.  The journey towards providing our students with valid and quality education is helping GTI to become a beacon of excellence in local higher education as students, faculty, and staff come together in a true community of scholars to pursue intellectual and personal fulfillment.


General Information


GTI is licensed by the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools (Registration #12-11-2002T). Licensure levels include diplomas and certificates.

Statement of Ethics

GTI strives to be a center of academic excellence.  The institute makes every effort to ensure the following:

1. The opportunity for students to learn and inquire freely.

2. The protection of intellectual freedom and the rights of professors to teach.

3. The advancement of knowledge through scholarly pursuits and relevant dialogue.

The institute community is by nature pluralistic and diverse. Those who are elected to participate in the GTI community (students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and directors) accept the responsibility of sharing in the effort to achieve the institute’s mission as an institution of higher learning. Each member is expected to respect the objectives of the institute and the views of its members.

Participants in this shared institution strive to be governed by what ought to be rather than by what is. To accomplish its goal, members of the institute community should aspire to a higher standard than mere compliance with formal institute requirements and applicable law. GTI strives to fulfill the following expectations:

1. Preserve academic honor and integrity by repudiating all forms of academic and intellectual dishonesty.

2. Treat others with respect and dignity

3. Respect the rights and property of others

4. Act with concern for the safety and well-being of the institute’s associates

Inquiry, discourse, and discussion within the framework of an ordered academic environment are seminal elements of an institute community and of a free, democratic society. Members of the GTI community recognize this, and are consequently supportive of democratic and lawful procedure, and are dedicated to rational approaches to solving problems. This ideology assumes openness to change as well as commitment to values.

The Campus

The campus in Toledo, Ohio is prepared to receive more than 300 students, and is equipped to provide all students with the most recent education, research, and technology in the area of business administration and information technology.

Special Characteristics of GTI

GTI is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the growth of the individual from a global perspective, recognizing the contributions of all cultures and the brotherhood of all mankind.

An Expectation of Excellence

GTI seeks students who show evidence of beliefs in obtaining academic excellence, integrity, and respect for human values. An interdisciplinary core of unique learning experiences compliments and enriches the more traditional courses that are offered, and also emphasizes the institute’s philosophy that excellence extends beyond scholarship. The institute values competency and personal growth of the student, and nurtures the individual’s own expectation of excellence. The atmosphere at GTI fosters a sense of concern for others, a maturing acceptance of responsibility for one’s own behavior, and a respect for social processes that ensure a lawful and human resolution of interpersonal and individual-group conflicts. There is a climate of expectation of excellence in thinking in developing prerequisite skill in leadership and professional success. The faculty’s approach to education is to believe that rigorous habits of inquiry and skill development ensue when one expects nothing less than the best of a student.

An American Institute with a Worldwide Reach Theme

The frontier on which GTI aims to build its reputation is one of quality education and openness to other cultures, in which students all sectors and regions are drawn to. The dominating resources of the institute are the students and faculty, who demonstrate a commitment to the unique environment of GTI’s classrooms and community.

GTI is a quality institution that maintains sensitivity to differing values and exhibits a deep concern for ethics; extends friendly help; sustains students through transitional periods of learning levels; insists on rational behavior; refrains from and prohibits any political, religious, or ethnic activities that would compromise the ability of the institute to stay free in its human relationships; and prizes academic freedom, which rests on mutual trust and respect.

The institute believes that the most important problems of society are constructed by people and the ways in which people interact with one another. All programs of the institute reflect an emphasis on re-mediating human factors, by promoting an understanding of people and society, so that leadership can reflect a humanitarian approach.

Campus life and learning is enhanced by the interplay among the people of this rich student body. Students from diverse backgrounds unite in the learning environments of the classroom, in the study room, in group learning segments, through independent and group research, community involvement, lectures, concerts, and in daily social activities.

Selection of Faculty and Staff

GTI places special emphasis on the development of quality education and continuous growth, and employs selective measures in identifying and working with qualified faculty, competent staff, and exceptional candidates to our programs.

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